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Many Health Benefits Of Tea

Green tea has many health benefits. These include weight loss and cancer prevention. Most people don't know how to prepare tea properly in order to reap the health benefits. If You are a tea lover and looking for the best tea places then you can navigate this website.

Different Types of Tea, Explained: What You Need to Know About Tea - Thrillist

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These are the steps to follow:

1. It is important to choose the right "reaction vessels" when making tea. It is important to choose a pot to boil water for your tea, as well as any vessel to steep the tea.

2. Make sure you use high-quality water when making tea. Water hardening minerals should be removed from your water as they can interfere with the flavor and, more importantly, the extraction of beneficial compounds.

3. Then heat the water to boiling point (212F). Let it cool for a few seconds. This is where the trick lies: don't heat the water too hot to make the tea volatile. Also, do not cool the water to the point that it doesn't render the tea insoluble.

You should not leave your tea on the counter for too long before you drink it. The polyphenols in the tea will begin to degrade, and you will lose its health benefits. It is recommended that you steep your tea for 10 minutes.