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Know More About Intranet

An intranet is a corporate or private education network that uses the Internet TCP or IP protocol for the underlying transportation. People from inside the intranet can get greater Internet resources, but people on the Internet cannot enter the intranet, which only allows limited access from the Internet.

Often intranets consist of a number of different networks within a company that all communicate with each other via TCP or IP. This separate network is often referred to as a subnet. You can also get best intranet solutions for your business by clicking at:

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Much of the software used on intranets is standard Internet software, such as Netscape Navigator and the Microsoft Explorer Web browser. And special programs are often built, using the Java programming language and CGI scripts.

An intranet is a powerful system to enable businesses to do business or commerce online. When someone orders a product on the Internet, information is sent securely from the public Internet to the company intranet, where the order is processed and completed.

To protect sensitive company information, and to ensure that hackers do not damage computer systems and data, a security barrier called a firewall protects the intranet from the Internet.

There are various ways in which an intranet can be linked to a legacy system. A simple way is to use CGI scripts to pour the data into HTML and access database information, making it available for Web browsers.