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Kids Room Accessories – How to Use a Toy Box in Your Kid’s Room

Whether your child lives in a dorm room or a boudoir, you can add fun and decorative accents to their room. Wall art clips or wreaths made from felt pom poms look cute in a child's room. Picture frames are decorative accents that can be attached to twin beds. Wall clocks affixed to the wall are another great way to decorate the room. If you're looking for a more permanent decoration, consider a pegboard, canopies, or wall storage.

Toy boxes

A toy box can be an important kids room accessory. Not only does it keep toys organized, but it also makes clean-up a snap! When kids have toys lying around, they want to use that space for playing, not for storing them. They may also find the clutter overwhelming, so a toy box can help. Here are some great ideas. Read on to discover some great ways to use a toy box in your kid's room!

Storage baskets can serve as an excellent way to store toys. They can also be used to store laundry. Many models feature a double handle for easy carrying. These versatile pieces are also a great choice for little ones who love to play with cars. Whether they're plastic or metal, storage baskets are a great way to keep things in order. For more storage, buy storage bins with lids. These are the best kids room accessories.


If your child is into design, you've probably considered adding a desk to their room. While a shared desk can encourage fights, you should avoid this temptation. Instead, consider installing a separate desk for each child. You'll find that they'll be less likely to argue and will focus more on their work. Alternatively, you can choose a desk shaped like a house, which can accommodate two people.

Kids' workstations don't have to look stuffy; choose colors that catch their attention. A bone inlay bedroom desk, chosen by Jenny of Juniper Home, makes a stylish addition with a polka-dot pegboard. You can also find smaller desks that fit snugly into a teeny nook, as featured in this styled bed chamber by Shannon Eddings.

Canopy canopy

If you want to design a kids room that is perfect for your child, consider purchasing a Kids room canopy. This stylish addition to the bedroom will keep your child cozy and warm while preserving the look of their room. There are many options for a canopy, including ones with cute designs and a modern, minimalist look. Choose a canopy that is colorful and fun to look at, or opt for one that is subtle and elegant. Regardless of your child's taste and personality, a canopy will surely make her or his bedroom look more adorable and stylish.

If you are planning to buy a canopy for your child, consider the color and pattern of the canopy itself. A rainbow pom-pom ball on the canopy will surely please your child, while elegant fabric prints will complement the nursery's decor. Adding a canopy to a child's room will allow her or him to dream and create with endless possibilities. In addition to that, a canopy can be decorated with pom-poms, crowns, or even stars.


If you are in the market for a toy storage rack for your kid's bedroom, you've probably considered Pegboards as a good solution. Toys can easily accumulate and end up piled up in baskets or strewn all over the floor. Fortunately, pegboards offer a unique solution to this problem. You can purchase pegboards in different colors and styles and use them to decorate the walls or organize toys.

In addition to being great wall decor, pegboards make for wonderful kids room accessories. They're great for storing all sorts of objects, including potted plants, family photos, and ornaments. Whether you opt for pegboards made from tempered wood or plastic, they're great for any room in the house. If your child doesn't have any specific items to put on the pegboard, you can use them as a platform for self-expression. And if you're looking for a way to organize kids' stuff, you'll find a lot of ways to make them work for your child.

Natural-fiber rugs

Choosing natural-fiber rugs for your kids' rooms can improve the quality of their environments as well as their moods. These rugs are safe for kids and pets and are affordable. Additionally, they don't fade, even under heavy foot traffic. And, because they are natural, they won't require frequent washing, which can be a hassle with synthetic rugs. Aside from that, natural-fiber rugs look great and last for years.

When choosing a natural-fiber rug, think about placement and usage. Which areas of the room will receive the most traffic? Areas such as the hallways, family rooms, entryway, kitchen, and bathrooms are high-traffic areas where children will play. Medium-traffic rooms such as the living room and dining room can also benefit from a natural-fiber rug. But keep in mind that natural-fiber rugs can get scratchy after a while.