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Is Marijuana a Magical Herb for your Health?

Way back in 1974, the National Institute of Health-funded the research at the Medical College of Virginia. Their mission was to prove the claim that the damage of marijuana, the immune system. In the financing of this research, the NIH was intended to be roundly disappointed – they effectively killed in the foot.

Rather than receive confirmation and evidence to support their assertion, people NIH were embarrassed to learn that the VGM researchers found instead that THC, the active ingredient of cannabis, has undoubtedly slowed the growth of three kinds of cancers. If you want to buy medical marijuana transport then you can search for various online sources.

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Since that failed miserably in the building, they think all the most harmful weeds, the case against marijuana from the government, and proved in fact just the opposite, the DEA came charging into the fray, banners, trumpets sounding. They close the Virginia study and all other research cannabis tumors.

Do not be left to assault the public a useful, although plant and substance often misused, President Gerald Ford on the bandwagon in 1976 and ended all cannabis research while providing simultaneously this right exclusively maniacally delighted pharmaceutical industry.

Again, in 1983, in a place to intense lobbying and receiving massive campaign contributions, administration Reagan / Bush tried hard to convince American universities and researchers to destroy all research on cannabis 1966- 1976 including compendiums libraries.