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Ideas To Help Working Moms Stay Healthy During The Holidays

The holiday season is underway, and are filled with a variety of family and social occasions. It's enjoyable but the stress can become stressful to our bodies as well as our immune systems.  In this article a few more ideas to help working moms stay healthy during the holidays. Focusing on gut health, sleep, and vitamin C. You can easily order order empowered mother book online to get some ideas to help your working moms.

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Maintain Your Gut Health

Keep in mind you have an immune system composed of many interconnected systems and a substantial portion of it lies within the digestive tract. It provides an outer barrier to infections and strengthens your immunity. Certain "helpful" bacteria that reside in your gut may stimulate the immune system and increase its activity which can lead to a more controlled immune system and improved health.

These suggestions can be helpful:

Consume fermented foods. Fermented foods are usually rich in probiotics, or the "good" microbes that to keep us healthy. A daily intake of any of these readily accessible options can help maintain your immunity Sauerkraut, kombucha the sour pickles, and kefir to mention some. 

Incorporate Probiotics. Try a good probiotic supplement. Quality does matter in this case. The health food store in your area is likely to have a large selection of supplements for probiotics. Follow the directions until you've used up the bottle.