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Hypnobirthing Classes – A Comfortable Child Birthing Experience

Giving birth to a child or children is supposed to be painful and might even be an unpleasant experience. Women's higher pain threshold is often explained away because they know what real pain is through giving birth to a baby, but does childbirth need or have to be painful, a struggle, uncomfortable or hellish?

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What Birthing Hypnosis?

Hypnosis childbirth is the use of self-hypnosis, relaxation, breathing techniques, and other ideas to help make the birthing experience as convenient as possible for pregnant women, children and fathers as well.

Because of the idea that childbirth should be a painful history, the mother-to-be can increase tension and anxiety when they really should be more relaxed. Anyone who strained tends to experience an increase in pain or discomfort.

Birthing a child with experienced hypnotherapist hypnosis childbirth is partly about to re-educate you, mother, about how the birth can be. It's about recapturing control of the mother than the mother feels like victims of their pregnancy or medical procedures and protocols.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a relaxed state of mind that we all experience. It's like being in a daydream, or when you are totally engrossed in reading a good novel. Hypnosis is about being aware and conscious and yet you feel relaxed and calm. You do not need to be in hypnosis during childbirth but learning self-hypnosis before birth will put you in a situation much more relaxed and quieter than the body and mind.