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How To Take Care of A Drink Dispenser?

Vending machine prices can be very expensive. High-end and electric models can cost thousands of dollars. Therefore it is important to maintain the quality and function of donors. Dispensers require proper maintenance but it can help you with beverage and distillery cleaning.

VARDAGEN Beverage dispenser - IKEA

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Refrigerated beverage machines, which must be turned on for work and are common in restaurants, must always be cleaned. It is recommended that this type of dispenser is cleaned with a simple bleach solution every four to six weeks.

This cleaning method can be used for other types of beverage dispensers. Mix one tablespoon of bleach with every gallon of water you will use. Wear rubber gloves to protect your skin and use a sponge or washcloth to wash the dispenser with the bleach solution. 

Leave it on for five minutes, then rinse the dispenser at least four times with hot or tap water to remove surface bleach. Make sure there is no residual bleach in the dispenser as it can become toxic if mixed with drinks. You can now look for the best distillery cleaners at Cleaner Engineering.

Make sure to clean the valve and nozzle. Use a brush or a thin, bristled stick wrapped in a towel if you can't get into tight spaces. Insulated and non-insulated drink dispensers are easier to clean than refrigerated drink dispensers because they contain no electrical or mechanical components. 

Some models are dishwasher safe, but to ensure the dispenser is properly cleaned, do this manually from time to time. Since you cannot wet certain parts of the vending machine, you can clean it with a clean, soft cloth. 

Make sure the dispenser is turned off so you don't accidentally damage yourself with electricity. Don't try to take apart pieces or pieces unless you know what they are or how to put them back together.

If you find any damage to the drink dispenser, consult a professional. If it can't be fixed, get a new donor instead. This eliminates the hassle of dealing with improperly mixed drinks and other technical issues.