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How to Sell Your Business in 5 Easy Steps

Clueless about how you're able to sell your organization? After that, keep reading and discover out how!

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How to Sell Your Business in 5 Easy Steps

1. Know the value of your business. Obviously, this is the first thing you need to do. You will need to know how much you are going to sell your business before doing anything else. Hire a business appraiser and certified public accountant who can help you determine the right price tag.

2. Hire a lawyer. This is not necessary if you are selling a very small company, but it is necessary if there is massive money involved. Hire the best lawyer in town who will help you organize your files and draft the contract. It is important to make sure that you land a great thing.

3. Hire a business agent. If you are selling a small enterprise again, this may not be necessary. But if your organization is selling for several tens of thousands of rupees, then you can choose to hire a business broker who will help you find the best customer. You have to give 10 percent of their sales cost to this person.

4. Find the best clients. Should you choose not to hire a business agent, you can pursue your company on your own. It is possible to run ads on paper, TV, or radio. You can also use the net as your advertising medium.

5. Prepare. Expect each of their questions and prepare answers for them. Additionally, prepare all the documents like income tax returns of the company in the last 3 decades.