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How to Increase Smart Phone Battery Life

Here are some tips to prolong smart phone battery use by saving energy. An important underlying principle to remember is that most savings come at the price of certain tradeoffs.

1. Applications that tend to keep the display active for a long time can consume a lot of battery energy. Such applications can be games and web browsing applications. Yopu can look for Sony lithium ion vape batteries online.

2. Large smart phone screens tend to be the most energy hungry components of such phones. Try to reduce the brightness of your screen to the lowest possible level in each environment.

3. Keep your "push email" client off as much as possible. This is because such email clients keep a communication channel, with the email server, open and that consumes battery.

4. GPS navigation applications should remain closed when they are not used as they consume a lot of energy because of their constant satellite data reading and processing.

5. Try to use 2G instead of 3G when possible and turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you're not using them.

6. Just turning off our 3G capability is not enough to guarantee energy savings as it is not only the kind of signal that plays a role in economy but also its quality.

7. Be nice to your smart phone's battery! This means that you should not recharge it before it goes below 20% and once a month you should let it completely discharge before recharging it.