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How to Clean and Maintain a Marble Floor Polish ?

How to maintain and properly clean marble floors polish?

With a little care and minimal investment in basic equipment, cleaning marble floors polish should usually be easy. The first thing to do when cleaning floors is to determine the source and type of dirt.

Daily maintenance for marble floors polish

There are a number of general rules that we always follow when caring for marble floor polish, but first we need to identify the difference between the different types of cleaning and maintenance. Daily cleaning with a small amount of water and maybe just a wet wiper we call maintenance as this is a normal activity of the host or cleaning staff.

Deep cleaning of marble floors polish

Then there is a regular or thorough cleaning if the paint on the marble floor is found to look worn. This is usually done with a slightly more aggressive detergent to remove heavier dirt and minor stains. We found it useful to use a commercially available stripper for deep cleaning, but less diluted than useful for removing, but still strong enough to remove more severe contaminants.

10 mistakes to avoid when polishing your marble floor
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Marble floor restoration

This is followed by a restorative cleaning or updating of the marble floors. This is usually done by a specialized contractor experienced in all aspects of marble floor cleaning and restoration. You will use more aggressive scrapers and cleaners to quickly return the floor to its original state. This can include grinding and polishing the floor navigate here, but it always means removing old seals, dirt, and debris before the rest of the tillage can proceed.

Remove all dirt from polished marble

When we completely remove dirt and grime from your polished marble floor, we use a pH-neutral cleaning agent. As a result, it is neither acidic nor alkaline and therefore as gentle as tap water on your sensitive surfaces. There are a large number of these cleansers, but we find that we prefer the gentleness and effectiveness detergent, which is perfect for long-term, gentle treatments.