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Find a Nanny Nearby

A nanny that lives nearby can better manage her life around your life. Sometimes there will be a candidate that is an hour and a half away but is perfect in all respects. In that case, hire her and be glad that you have found what you are looking for!

In addition, if she is local she'll be more familiar with the area. This benefits you most importantly in the event of an emergency, but also in small ways too, such as when you need to find a cake, a grocery store, or a pharmacy. To hire a nanny online you can visit

Do you have references?

References are very important. An experienced nanny that doesn't have references is a reason to ask more questions. Think about it: If you have a nanny that is wonderful, and you move or your kids grow up to the age where they no longer need a nanny, you would of course give that nanny an excellent reference, correct? 

Will you provide your ID and fingerprints for a background check?

Background checks are important as well. Even with references, it should still be one of the things on your nanny interview checklist. When you go through nanny classifieds or do a nanny search, you will be hiring somebody who will be helping you take care of those who are dearest to you.

They should have no hesitations about providing ID, fingerprints, and other information for a background check. Many nanny search services provide background checks as part of their service, and this is recommended.