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Facts That Prove The Bible Was Real

Below are a few attributes that provide believers and non-believers motives to contemplate.

To begin with, the Bible isn't only a single publication, or 2; both the Old and New Testaments. It's a library of 66 books, which can be known as the canon of scriptures. These 66 books have a number of genres: poetry, parables, proverbs, prophecy, history, wisdom books, letters, legal exemptions and apocalyptic, simply to mention a couple.

Secondly, these 66 books were written by 40 distinct authors. These writers came from an assortment of backgrounds: kings and commoners, farmers and shepherds, fishermen and physicians, prophets and priests and many others. The majority of these writers never understood one another personally. To get more information, you can buy a free genealogy of Jesus Christ e-chart online.

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Third, these 66 books were written within a span of 1,500 decades. Therefore the majority of these writers could not have understood or socialized with one another in writing these novels.

The 66 books of the Bible were composed in 3 distinct languages; Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic. Again, this can be a manifestation of the cultural and historical diversities where every one of those books were composed.

Ultimately, these 66 books were written on 3 distinct continents: Africa, Asia, and Europe. An individual would believe there could be competing worldviews in the bible which would clash with one another. Certainly, there are theological and philosophical viewpoints that could be irreconcilable.