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Facebook Messenger Bot – A New Facebook Application

Facebook Messenger Bot is a new Facebook application that allows you to chat with the friends you have already created and even those that are not yet there. It is not really a new application as it was released about a year ago but it was so innovative that it still attracts millions of users. Just imagine the possibilities, if you could chat to your friends every time you want?

The Messenger Bot works by using a group of robots that work together to chat. There are two types of bots. The first one is the human chatbot that sends out a question to the group to generate responses. The second type of bot is called human assist and simply uses the responses from the group to augment the main conversation.  You can download a Messenger Bot directly from

Chatbots that do all the talking have become popular in recent years and these bots are becoming more intelligent than ever. There are now chatbots that can play games with you and send you a variety of amusing applications. They are also quite capable of learning from the interactions they get with you and then evolve into future conversations.

It seems that the more social media sites we use, the more we need to interact with each other. You can even say this sentiment in an overly optimistic way. One might even go so far as to say that social media is how we meet each other in real life. Yes, there are friends that you meet online that you wouldn't necessarily know without using the internet.

Many a times, your Facebook friends will be the first people you see when you log on and may even be the ones that you would contact in the case of emergency. Therefore, Facebook chatbots are definitely helping to bring people together on the net.

There are two kinds of Facebook chatbots available. The first is a basic Facebook chatbot that talks about one subject while the second one is theFacebook chatbot that handles multiple subjects.

The basic Facebook chatbot is rather boring. In fact, I would say that it is not much different from the chatbots you would have seen on MySpace or Skype. The difference is the fact that you are not getting anything in return for the chat. You are just chatting with the Facebook Messenger Bot.

The social chatbots in the second category is not as boring as the first one. The Facebook chatbot that comes with the basic version that is used to initiate conversation with Facebook friends can do things like send out messages to your friends, play games with you, tell jokes, etc.

The advantage of using the Facebook chatbot is that you are able to set the conversation limits. The limit that you set ensures that you are not disturbed by your chatbot's activities. So, you don't have to worry about your Facebook chatbot getting bored and moving on to something else.

Facebook chatbots that deal with multiple subjects are capable of handling many tasks and thus, getting bored with one topic does not occur too often. You just have to remind them of a certain subject and they would figure out how to handle it. In some cases, you can even have your chatbot send out an invitation to your friends to join you in a specific topic.

Facebook chatbots that can talk to multiple people simultaneously are capable of juggling between many topics. For example, the Facebook Messenger Bot could respond to a question and then prompts your friend to post a message to a forum while it could follow up with a single reply to a particular topic.

The major challenge that awaits Facebook bots that use Facebook chatbots is the fact that you can only manage one chatbot at a time. You can't use several chatbots at the same time or ask for the chatbot to reply to other chatbots and so on.  If you want more information about Facebook Messenger Bots, be sure to visit