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Exercise to Recover Depuy knee Replacement

The key to recovering fast do this exercise slowly after DePuy knee surgery until you have really stretched your legs. Then slowly bend your knees and let yourself go back to the starting position. No extra weight is needed for this exercise.

Knee pain is very common in old age. Many people face it. Depuy knee surgery is the best option to recover from knee pain permanently. Complications after DePuy knee surgery are increasing day by day. You can file knee litigations settlement for claim loss of faulty joint replacement

If you have trouble doing this, use a chair back or long stick to help improve you. Maintain an upright posture, avoid bending to the side and relax in the first week you do it. Do ten repetitions twice a day.

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If this is still easy, try wearing heavy shoes or boots when you do the exercises, making the legs work harder. You can repeat this exercise twice a day in the months leading up to your surgery.

Step-Ups – Stand at the bottom of a set of stairs, or one step, place your feet above the next higher step. Using your hands to balance yourself on the handle or door frame, slowly raise it by shifting your weight to the higher and stretched legs.

The key to any training program is to start slow and build gradually. Don't struggle through high levels of pain. Find the best time today to do the exercises. For many people, this will be morning. Consider putting a packet or bag filled with frozen peas or beans wrapped in a towel on your joints after exercising. Follow your doctor's recommendations and good luck.