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Everything A Tween Needs To Know About Lip Gloss

If you're like me, you have a hard time remembering when it was that you started wearing lip gloss. For some people, it's as early as middle school and for others, it's their teens. Either way, there is a step-by-step process for figuring out what the best type of lip gloss for your tween is and how to find the perfect product for them.

When it comes to lip gloss, tweens have a lot of options. Some popular types of lip gloss include matte, glossy, and sparkly. It's important for tweens to choose the right type of gloss for their needs. You can get the best information about tweens lip gloss via

Petal Glow

Matte lip gloss is best for dry lips. Glossy lip gloss is best for oily lips. Sparkly lip gloss is good for wintertime because it looks frosty and icy. Tween girls also need to choose a lip color that will look good with their skin and hair color. 

For example, if a tween has light skin and dark hair, she might want to choose a light-colored lip gloss like pink or peach. On the other hand, if a tween has darker skin and lighter hair, she might want to choose a darker-colored gloss like plum or burgundy. 

It's also important for tweens to keep track of their lip balm/lip glosses. If they don't use them up, they'll end up with waste that can contain toxins and lead to environmental pollution. So it's important for tweens to make sure they apply their lip balm/lip gloss every day or when they feel the need to kiss someone or as soon as they feel dry for the day.

Lip gloss is one of those products that can either make or break an outfit. While it may seem like a trivial detail, choosing the right lip gloss can add an extra level of polish to your look.