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Evaluation of Used Isuzu Mu-X

SUVs are not a new concept. It is possible to travel back in history to World War II to find examples of their ancestors being used on both sides. There have been many examples of how to take your whole family off-roading. Isuzu's turbo diesel engine, the 4JJ1 3.0 Litre turbo, produces 130 kW and delivers 380nm torque at 1850rpm.

The 4WD drive system works well and is extremely user-friendly. It also steers like a small hatchback (1.6 meter turning circle). It is incredibly smooth for such large vehicles. Standard 7-seat configuration. There is plenty of legroom in the third row, even for those under 5'10". The luxury second-hand Isuzu Mu-X is available online.

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It comes with a touch screen information system, navigation, leather seats and navigation.  For those on a budget, the base model 4×2 Ls model is available for around $40,000 plus any applicable taxes. With a claimed 8.3L/100km combined fuel economy, this SUV will outperform most other SUVs. Isuzu's marketing department took a base model 4×2 and drove it over 1100km with one tank of fuel.

Turbo lag, as with all turbo diesel cars, is noticeable when you pull away from the lights. However, regardless of whether you are in the Manual or Auto spec, it's gone so quickly you don't even notice it. It is also impressive. The service cost will increase depending on how often you use the vehicle. The interior is the biggest problem with the MU-X. 

The dash is dull and tacky. The cluster has a lot of red dials and an LCD screen that looks modern enough to make a Gameboy Colour seem modern. Although the steering wheel may be a bit outdated, it is still very affordable.