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Enterprise Content Management Solutions

Enterprise content management refers to the process of managing records and documents. The process even includes converting data from digital to traditional forms and vice versa.

Various content management processes such as document management, web content solutions, records management, collaboration, search and many similar solutions come under this process.

This effective content management solution helps in managing corporate or business information easily. This ease comes with the data storage solutions it provides. In addition to that, the other effective features are proper security, retention, process routing, and version control.

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All these features, all together cater to increased efficiency with much better control of stored data at lesser expenses.

Enterprise content management (ECM) is effective in serving as a warehouse for all kinds of content. It can serve as a data warehouse as well as a document warehouse. There are a number of components which make content management systems efficient in storing and managing data.

What are the various components which are incorporated in these systems to make them function perfectly? Below is a list indicating the categories of technologies which are incorporated:

Capture: this is about conversion of information from paper documents to electronic formats. This is done by scanning. This process also involves collecting electronic information or files and maintaining a consistent structure for their management.

Creating index values which help in locating a document easily by describing its characteristics also comes under capture technology. XML or EDI documents, ERP and business applications are used as sources by semi-automatic capture.