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DJI High-Speed Flight Modes

DJI's drones are well-loved in the imaging industry. The world of aerial photography has been opened up to those photographers who have never flown an open-door helicopter, as well as quality cameras and safety features. 

DJI's latest drone is the FPV Combo. It is a completely different beast. The FPV Combo is built to deliver high-speed performance and first-person flight. This drone will satisfy thrill-seekers as well as drone racing enthusiasts more than aerial photographers. Although the camera is powerful, it does not take part in the flight experience. You can also buy DJI FPV goggle prescription lenses through various online sources.

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The FPV Combo can fly in both Normal and Sport modes like other DJI drones but at a much faster speed and acceleration. It can fly at 31 mph in Normal mode, which is a bit faster than the Mavic Air 2's 26 mph.

Manual mode is required to fly at the highest speeds. The FPV can reach speeds of 87 mph and can travel from 0 to 62 mph in two seconds. The catch is that automatic flight control does not work. To keep the drone in flight, you must apply throttle and keep it moving.

FAA regulations require pilots to keep drones within sight. This is impossible if your vision is blocked by the headset. You will need a partner to help you as a visual observer. Their role is simple: to warn you in case of an accident.