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Cosmetic Dentistry The Diversity Of This Area

cosmetic dentistry is a modern and very special area of Dentistry concerned with the aesthetic improvement of the patient's teeth. The functionality of the teeth remains fully intact or even improved. 

The appearance of the teeth is corrected based on medical necessity and the patient's wishes and adapted to the ideals of beauty. If you are looking for the best cosmetic dentist in Worcester visit

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Techniques in Cosmetic Dentistry

Discolored, deformed, or worn teeth can be corrected using different methods and thus beautified. One of the most popular and most common cosmetic dental treatments, tooth whitening (bleaching). It will be removed stains on the teeth, the tooth can thus be lightened by several shades. 

There are two types of bleaching. At the "home bleaching" by the dentist, made by preparing a dental impression, matching plastic rails. The second type of tooth whitening, the "in-office bleaching" is. In the dental office while the teeth with a specific light source bleached. 

This enables the dentist to fix possible missing teeth, broken or missing teeth, and the healthy tooth apparatus visually align. These first impressions were made by the dentists and radiographs of the teeth. After the teeth were ground down slightly, the physician can then stick to only about 0.3 mm thick veneers with a special adhesive.