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Cloud Computing And Its Role In IT Infrastructure

Cloud computing is a hot topic among professionals of information technology, but what is it? Specifically, is it a value driver in the modern data center?

What is Cloud Computing?

Under the traditional model of IT infrastructure, an organization has a data center that provides resources for IT end-users. You can get the cloud computing services in Perth at

As part of a cloud computing model, the organization connects to a data center operated by a third party. These data centers serve many clients, each pulling the resources they need from the calculation complex.

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A common symbol is the power grid. Traditional servers are like getting electricity from generators on-site, with all the head and maintenance of operational ills that go with it.

Cloud computing is like getting power off the grid. You do not know the resources operate production or even where they are. You just got the power you need when you need it

Cloud computing is a kind of data colocation. Some colocation arrangements give customers access to specific servers in a chosen area. Cloud computing is collocation, but with access to shared servers across multiple customers.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing data centers are more reliable because customers no longer depend on a limited number of servers. If a server fails, the others automatically take the load without service interruption.