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Choosing An RV – 5th Wheel Trailers

The most sought-after trailers on the market are fifth-wheel trailers. There are many sizes to choose from, including smaller models that look more like a condo on wheels and larger models that look more like luxury condos. 

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11 Small 5th Wheel Trailers to Consider For Your Next Trip

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The large fifth-wheel trailers rank among the most luxurious of the towable trailers, second only to the large, luxury Class A buses and motorhomes. You can recognize the fifth wheel by the downward-pointing hitch, which attaches to the bed of a pickup truck above the rear axle.

With their split-level design, fifth wheels are very popular among full-timers. They are easy to pull and maneuver, with their split-level design. The hitch mounting arrangement makes them stable.

Many models have large storage spaces underneath and large living spaces with many slide-outs. There are also the distinctive raised ceilings that slope towards the upstairs. Although the most common upstairs bedroom is located on the front upper level, there are models that have an upstairs lounge or a second bedroom.

These units can be bought with either one or six slide-outs. This greatly enhances the ergonomic comfort and enjoyment for the occupants.

There are many options available, including built-in washers/dryers and multiple flat-screen TVs. Large entertainment centers, large computer workstations, and even infrared saunas with their own slide out!

The fifth-wheel trailer is the perfect match for a full-time couple who want the most convenient towing and the largest living space, while still maintaining the longest length.

To save towing length, the trailer should be positioned between the pickup bed and the trailer at 4-5 feet. You have many options, and custom-built units are available.

These units are the best for snowbirds who live full-time. They have large living areas and are easy to operate. You will be amazed when you take a tour of your local dealer.