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Causes Of Sudden Hearing Loss

Sudden hearing loss may be described as an immediate drop or change in your hearing pattern for some time though not exceeding three days.

Sudden hearing loss is an emergency and you should contact your doctor with an immediate result. You can find the causes of sudden hearing loss via online sources.

 sudden hearing loss

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Though the main cause of hearing loss is yet to be established, doctors say 85 percent of this case is idiopathic. This usually means that the cause is unknown.

In most cases, this problem affects one ear and 70 percent of reported cases have stabilized to normal on their own.

Individuals suffering from meningitis are known to experience hearing loss which could turn into deafness unless appropriate treatment is administered. Another frequent infection of this issue is mumps and measles.

In case of suffering head injuries particularly a fractured skull, then you might be subjected to a permanent hearing loss unless rapid and proper medication is prescribed.

Another cause of the disease is barotrauma. This occurs particularly when the ear is exposed to changes such as pressure. This can be when diving or flying that affects the middle ear. This health condition can be treated in several ways depending on the magnitude.

The most commonly used methods are the use of steroids and vasodilation which involves treatment to make sure the blood vessels are more relaxed. Low stimulants, diuretics, and antibacterial therapy may also be utilized based upon the cause of the disease.