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Bypass Fat For Improving Milk Production And Reproduction Efficiency

Usually the ratio of cross-bred cattle and buffalo with high energy and low energy during early lactation. The animals receive limited quantities of cultured feed and energy-rich dietary supplements. 

This results in delayed conception in animals after birth, resulting in longer inter-calving intervals. Additionally, animals produce less milk during this time, which reduces lactation yields. 

Overall, this is a significant economic loss for milk producers due to lower milk production and longer calving intervals. To get more information about bypass fats cost for dairy visit 

 bypass fats cost for dairy

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In this way, when the pH is acidic, the bypass fat gets digested in the abomasum without affecting the fermentative digestion in the rumen.  Fat supplements in this form are known as bypass fats and can help increase milk production,body condition score, and reproductive efficiency.

Bypass fat can also be added to the feed of growing calves and mammals by 1.5 to 2% to increase the energy density of the feed. Benefits of Feeding Fat Bypass 

• Energy-dense supplement ideal for early lactating and late pregnant animals to overcome negative energy balance. 

• Increase maximum milk production and lactation resistance.

• Meet the nutritional needs of superior animals.

• Fertility can be increased because animals can return to positive energy balance more quickly, which can affect follicle size, egg fertility, and progesterone levels. 

• Reducing metabolic disorders such as ketosis, acidosis, and milk fever. 

• Increase the productivity and productive life of animals.