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Photo Light Tent – Create Better Light For Your Macro and Product Photography

A photography tent can make it so much easier to photograph macro, jewelry, and other products. You can look at some of the benefits you get from using this device to improve your photo’s quality. You can also search online for various photography tents through


Macro jewelry and product photography can be difficult to achieve the perfect lighting effect. Even lighting is important, as well as no reflections. To achieve the desired effect, you had to purchase expensive backdrops, softboxes, or other diffusers. 

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This could mean you need to set up a studio just for this purpose. A light tent is a great option. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits.

Make sure that light is evenly distributed around the subject.

You don’t want to use a lot of directional lighting. It can cause undesirable defects to appear on delicate subjects like metals, glass, and gemstones in jewelry. This will cause the subject’s details to lose some detail. 

The studio light tent spreads the light evenly. This will allow for more detail and eliminate shadows that can ruin photos.


The light tent is simple to set up and pack away. You can easily fold the entire tent in a matter of seconds. The downsized lighting makes it easy to pack away and fold up quickly. 

You don’t have to limit the lighting provided by the tent. You can adjust the intensity of the light from one side to make it more intense, or even alter the background to soot your subject.