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Biblical Landmarks Of The Holy Land

Landmark Biblical Israel attracts millions of tourists every year. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam followers come to Old Jerusalem as a holy place for all representatives of the monotheistic religions. Holy Landmark Israel allows visitors from all over the world to witness a remarkable history in the making and may reach God with prayers that most sacred of them.

Listed below you will find the 10 sacred places that should be seen by every tourist who comes to the Holy Land of Israel. You can even take Jerusalem trips from Tel Aviv.

Western (Wailing) Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem is one of the most important attractions of all the holy places of Israel. The wall adjacent to the Temple Mount and is considered the holiest of all holy places in Israel to attain God with prayer.

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Bethlehem is considered as the place where King David and Jesus Christ was born. Bethlehem is located 10 kilometers from the Old City of Jerusalem. The most significant attractions of Bethlehem are the Milk Grotto Chapel, Basilica of the Nativity and Rachel's Tomb.

The Sea of Galilee is located within 25 kilometers from the city of Nazareth and provides a large number of activities for any visitor to Israel. Jesus Christ used to preach on the shores of beautiful Lake Galilee or Lake Kinneret that it is also called.

The Mount of Olives is a sacred place for all Jews and was named mostly for the large concentration of olive trees that grow all over the mountain. The Mount of Olives is very important because there are so many interesting places religion spread throughout the surrounding area.

Elijah Holy Cave is another important landmark that can be seen in Haifa. Many important events described had occurred in the cave where the prophet Elijah prayed and meditated.