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Automatic Electric Safety Cover Benefits

Whether you are building a pond in your backyard or you are already proud owners of the in-ground swimming pool, it is important to understand how important it is to have a cover to protect your investment.

An automatic pool blanket is safe, reliable, and easy to use. You can open or close the automatic safety with the push of a button. If you are looking for automatic electric swimming pool covers then you are in the right place.

Automatic pool blankets offer exceptional quietness of mind for homeowners who want to prevent accidents or keep loved ones and pets out of danger.

Simply flip a switch, and you Coverstar or Pool Cover Specialists automatic safety cover will create a barrier on top of the pool you that there are no children or pets can penetrate.

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All automatic pistol blankets custom-built to fit your pool perfectly and produced from the finest materials in class.

In addition to its primary purpose, keep small children and pets out of the pool without your supervision, electric blankets swimming pool offers a number of savings and benefits of treatment for pool owners including:

  • 90% reduction in water evaporation
  • 70% reduction in the cost of heating the pool
  • 50% reduction in electricity costs
  • 70% reduction of chemical use

Depending on where you live, automatic swimming pool cover you can save hundreds of dollars on utility and maintenance costs each year.

Automatic Safety Pool Covers is Safe?

An automatic pool cover is probably the safest pool cover options available for installation on the market is growing. Also known as "horizontal fence," the protection afforded by the electric pool cover virtually unmatched.

Plus, they're fast. All you have to do is flip a switch or press a button to roll out a protective barrier over the swimming pool you that no children, pets, or guest houses overindulgent can fall into.

And with a choice of WiFi-based distance, you can receive a text message or email alerts to notify you when your application is turned on or left open too long.