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Auto Repair: Doing Car Power Window Repair On Your Own

While the power windows in cars function well since they're designed to be controlled so they can move upwards and downwards with the press of one button, they could also be susceptible to auto repair. 

There are times when you press the button only to discover that the windows in your car aren't functioning. There are numerous reasons why this happens. 

Before we begin the process of fixing your car's power windows first we need to review the various reasons that cause them to aren't working. One of the primary causes of this is an accumulation of dust in the vicinity of the switch that prevents the windows ' closing and opening. You can also get replacement door window service through various online sources. 

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We'll now move on to the steps you must follow if you wish to resolve the issue by yourself.

1. Remove the door panels of the window in need of repair, so that you can examine the motor and regulator for the window.

2. Locate the bolts that are holding the window's regulator and then remove them. Unplug the wiring then replace it with a fresh one in the event that the previous window regulator has failed.

3. If there's no issue with the window regulator, look for loose connections within the wiring of the power window. If they're not this could mean there's something wrong with the motor's electrical circuit. 

Examine the performance of the motor in your window using the multimeter. If the multimeter displays infinity resistance and no current, it is a sign that the motor is not functioning properly and needs to be replaced.

4. Install the door panel and check if the window is functioning properly and again, using the button