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All About Life Church, Why Join And The Benefits You Get

Life Church is an American evangelical multisite church founded by Craig Groeschel. Groeschel is also the senior pastor there. Right now, they have 32 churches in total. For those of you who are planning to attend one of their churches, here are interesting facts to know. The good news is, you can find a life church in Douglasville GA.

A brief history. Formerly known as Life Covenant Church, this was founded in January 1996 in Oklahoma City. They only have 40 congregants at that time. Their meetings back then took place in a garage that only has an overhead projector and construction lights, until their membership grew during 1999.

In 1999, they were able to built their very first facility which they called Oklahoma City Campus. The year 2001 came and MetroChurch decided to merged with them, that is how they end up as a multisite. They then decided to changed their name and call it Lifechurch instead. Then, Craig Groeschel became the lead pastor.

What to expect. Lifechurch has a casual and friendly environment, so expect to be welcomed by people who are both happy and excited to see new members. Their weekend service last for an hour and every service gives you engaging and thoughtful messages and energetic worship music. Kids will have fun here as they offer fun teaching methods to children.

The benefits. This place will not make you feel isolated at all. People from this community will serve, laugh, and grow with you. You can join different groups like hobbyists, athletes, couples, and more. Join and they will help you make a difference and grow. Growth tools are found here, making it easier for you to develop yourself as a devoted follower.

A perfect place for families. Through their lessons, kids up to sixth graders will learn about God and how to become a better person by following Him. They have what they call as the loop for fifth and 6th graders, which helps these kids grow and be ready for middle school. Teens on the other hand can join the Switch, interactive activities and worship that helps teens face their day to day life.

Their mission is to lead people into becoming a devoted follower of Christ. Every person matters and has a purpose in life, and they want to help you and be part of your journey. Every journey starts with something, and they will be there to guide you. For them, you can start that journey by giving, serving, and joining their congregation regularly.

You do not have to find your purpose and become a better version of yourself alone. Joining into communities like this gives you the chance to meet new friends that you could grow and laugh with. Another goal of theirs is help parents raise children that will become the next follower of Christ.

Of course, this all goes down to your preference. Do not rush yourself when making a decision, think about yourself and the things you can accomplish here. You may always visit their website to know more about them. There, you get plenty of information about them and the steps for joining.