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All About Cross-Chain Transfers

Hyphen allows instant and less expensive token transfers between different blockchains. It is especially helpful to solve the problem of moving your money transferred from Layer2 to layer 1 blockchains. If you transfer your funds using Layer2 native bridges, it could take between 40 min up to 7 days before you get your funds to Layer1. 

Hyphen facilitates the faster and less expensive transfer of funds. It does this by keeping the liquidity of tokens across both chains, and instantly moving tokens onto the other chain after receiving tokens from the first chain. 

Hyphen also balances liquidity automatically when there are excessive one-sided cross-chain equity transfers. Try Hyphen for immediate transfer of tokens across chains.

If Alice wishes to transfer tokens across chains, she'll be subject to an 0.1 percent fee that goes to Liquidity Providers. Additionally, the transfer fee is deducted from the tokens that are moved in the same currencies. 

How does it work?

The economy has set up LiquidityPoolManager contracts on all of the supported chains where the liquidity will be stored. Off-chain servers, also known as Executor Nodes in operation and checking the smart contract for possible transactions in deposit.

This LiquidityProvider cost and fee are deducted off-chain from LiquidityPoolManager smart contract. Only Executors have the right to transfer funds from The LiquidityProviderManager contract.

Re-Balancing must be done in order to ensure that each chain's liquidity is in balance. Re-balancing scripts are run in order to determine if there is less liquidity on one chain, it triggers a rebalancing process as funds transfer to another chain to compensate for the lack of liquidity using the appropriate bridges that are native to.