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Aestheticians – Who Are They And What Do They Do

Aestheticians, also known as estheticians are skin specialists. They aren't dermatologists or any other type of doctor in any way.  It is believed that the word "aesthetic" could be a reference to the feeling of beauty or an idea that something is appealing.

So, what exactly does an aesthetician perform?

Aesthetician can not only will tell you the condition the skin's in but also suggest ways to improve the condition. A certified aesthetician can access products that aren't available at other beauty shops. The laws regarding aestheticians are in changing and may differ according to states, but there are federal guidelines. If you’re looking for more information about medical esthetician check this out

medical esthetician

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There are other aspects an aesthetician might be able to assist you with, based on the regulations of your state:

Chemical Treatments for Skin

A trained aesthetician can manage facial massages to enhance your skin's appearance as well as relieve stress and to simply feel better. If you've never experienced an facial massage before this is an amazing experience! A professional has been trained on chemical exfoliation, and how to apply it safely. 

The Body

This is also a chemical exfoliation. It also body wraps and body masks. Certain body wraps dehydrate and can cause loss of weight in the water afterward. Your aesthetician must be aware of the various types and how to prepare for them healthy, including advising that you drink plenty of water prior to your treatment as well as other precautions.