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About us

Golem Producciones was born in 1999 as an organization that promotes independent cinema in Mexico (production, training, diffusion). The effort has been joined by professional filmmakers, companies, institutions and associations of all sizes.

Golem Producciones does NOT produce cinema. Its members do and do it taking advantage of the benefits they find in us.

Golem Productions has the following main activities.

Golem Online
The first online magazine dedicated to independent production in Mexico. A site that functions as a meeting point for independent cinema.

Study Programs
In collaboration with professionals from each field and the best universities in Mexico, Golem Producciones has created seminars and specialized workshops.

Film production
Golem members with a credential receive different types of support for the production of their projects. From getting missing resources, to using equipment at no cost.

Special events
An independent film organization is nothing without events where members greet each other, update and critique their work. Subscribers receive invitations to exclusive events related to film in Mexico and are guests of honor at exclusive Golem events.