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A Basic Women’s Boxing Training Workout for Losing Weight

Boxing is an intense sport that requires participants to be in peak physical condition to face several grueling fights against equally strong opponents. 

To reach this level of physical strength, every boxer undergoes specially designed training sessions that will quickly turn them into a muscular fighting machine and help their bodies be in peak physical condition before a fight. You can also get the best boxing training in Rotterdam via

Boxing Training

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Initially viewed only as a useful training program for boxers, a number of fitness professionals have recognized the tremendous potential of this type of training for weight loss and overall muscle growth. 

Fitness boxing has become an internationally popular form of exercise, practiced at home, in the gym, or park by various women looking to lose a few pounds in a short amount of time.

Why is boxing training so effective for women?

The two main reasons why women's boxing training has become such a popular form of exercise is that "one" is a high-intensity form of training that breaks down fat in a very short time, and "two" only takes an hour or so. -Less time each day to be effective.

Regular boxing training for women

The main difference between regular professional boxers and amateur boxer training versus boxing training is that a lot of the hard punches on the sack and pads are eliminated. Fitness boxing also takes a lot less time. To give you a better idea of what women's boxing training is all about.