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5 Majestic Purple Gemstones Found in Jewelry Stores

Blue and red are the coolest and warmest colors. Purple is their combination that combines the high energy of red and the soothing energy of blue. You can choose the natural purple gemstones from from the most popular luxury jewelry.


In nature, purple diamonds are formed due to the abundance of hydrogen during their formation. Because this is not always the case, purple gemstones are among the rarest crystals in nature. 


The situation with purple sapphires is almost similar to the pink sapphires that I described in the previous article. While many of the gemstones found in stores are treated a certain way, purple sapphires found in jewelry stores are largely unprocessed because they are very vibrant and have a nice natural coloring. 


Amethyst is a well-known purple gemstone that is often used to make the most attractive jewelry. We can find them everywhere thanks to their good price and abundance. 


It is an attractive gemstone that has a very nice purple color. Because this gemstone is quite brittle, with a hardness rating of 4 on the Mohs scale, it is not often used in jewelry. 


Jasper is a pretty red color. This extraordinary gemstone can also be found in purple. Most natural gemstones range from opaque to translucent. Additionally, it often contains patterns, veins, and matrices.